Hello! I'm a software engineer living in Cambridge, UK. I studied Information and Computer Engineering at Cambridge University, and now I work at Cambridge Medical Robotics where I write embedded C for next generation surgical robots.

I love software! Rust is currently my favourite language, but I use Python a lot too, and I'm trying to learn Haskell when I have the time! I would love to try more functional programming. I am enjoying the challenge of writing safety critical embedded code at CMR a lot too.

I play roller derby with the Cambridge Rollerbillies as Jean Luc HitHard. I love music – listening and playing – and I like making things.

github lochsh

github Submit to the corporate machine
On my Github you can see my OSS contributions, and some of my works in progress, like my automatic musical chord recogniser in Python and my colourblind helper in Rust.

Self Care: a self care machine – randomly generated compliments to make you feel warm inside. The "Who is..." circle is based on this ;o

Will It Land?: My team's contribution to the NASA Space Apps Hackathon 2016! A vertical landing simulator :D

Bad LaTeX blog: a stupid blog where I lament awful examples of LaTeX.