Toronto Trip Part 1

I went to Toronto for a week in September! It was my first time travelling alone, and I really enjoyed it. My hostel had an awesome view from the roof:

So many pretty lights

I was knackered on my first night from jetlag, but the next day I had relaxing time getting my bearings and trying some Canadian cuisine (poutine, obviously).

Exploring Toronto

A refined delicacy: poutine

I'm not sure I like poutine! The cheese curds are nice, they're just like the bits in cottage cheese. But the gravy is just Too Much! Maybe if they weren't absolutely drowned? But I think that is the point. It was quite salty too. I'm glad I tried it, though.

The following day I decided to check out the stark existential horror of Honest Ed's, a bargain store on Bloor and Bathurst (a sidenote: I love how the word "street" is dropped, and how the grid layout of the streets allows you to name places based on intersections). I really enjoy the Scott Pilgrim comics by Bryan Lee O'Malley, which are set in Toronto. I was being a big nerd and enjoying seeing some of the places I'd seen in the comics.

Honest Ed's

The shop is huge! And it is covered in hilarious adverts. This one was my favourite:


It's so huge!

It continues

Then I went to the beach! I hired a bike and cycled 4.5 miles to get there. Cycling on the wrong side of the road was weird, but fine this time round (later in the trip it did not go so well). Turning left on busy roads was An Experience.

Woodbine beach

Lake Ontario is incredibly huge – and it's the smallest of the Great Lakes by area! What! Lake Superior, the largest, is 31 700 square miles; Lake Ontario is "only" 7340 square miles. I guess once it's big enough that you can't see to the other side it doesn't make very much difference to the naked eye.

WAIT NEVERMIND I just looked up how big Lake Superior is compared to Scotland. It's bigger! I mean, I guess the ocean is pretty big, and I have seen the ocean before. But this is a lake! Wow. Anyway.

I also spent some time relaxing in this lovely park next to the beach.

Woodbine park

That evening there was a beautiful sunset, and I got a photo of it over College from my hostel roof. All in all, it had been a great day! I felt content, and it was satisfying to have had such a nice time and have done it alone.

Sunset on College