Toronto Trip Part 2

The next day was CN tower day!!!

I took so many photos on the way

So tall!

I was excite. I had seen that there was the option to do the "Edge Walk". What is that, you ask? Not much, just casually walking round the edge of the CN tower, attached by a mere rope. I so wanted to do this! Look how happy the people from the advert look!

Happy customers

Unfortunately, that morning I looked up how much it cost: like $200! I decided to give it a miss and save my precious coins. This lasted until I was in the queue to buy tickets, madly sweating and trying to decide if, like, maybe I should just go! I could take money out my savings, it wasn't that much really, not for a once in a lifetime experience, and also wouldn't I regret if I didn't go?

Guess what: I went!!!!

My ticket to doom

We had to sign a waiver, then we had to go into a room to put on our fetching red overalls. I was very excited, and had a nice chat with the Canadian couple who were also going up. Then, a Floridian couple came in. These two people turned out to be some of the most joyless and ill-mannered people I have ever met. Dear reader, let me show you:

The staff made friendly polite conversation.

Staff member, to Floridian number 1: "This your first time in Toronto?"

Joyless Floridian number 1: "FIRST AND LAST, WON'T CATCH ME HERE AGAIN, NO SIR."

Staff member: [awkward silence]

Wow! I can't imagine saying that to someone about their home. It was somewhat hilarious though. It then became apparent that the first Floridian was afraid of heights. An intriguing choice, then, to spend $200 to hang off a building at over 1100 feet! When asked why they were doing it: "NOTHING ELSE TO DO IN TORONTO EXCEPT AVOID HOMELESS PEOPLE." I was getting annoyed at this point – how dare these sourpusses dampen my excitement! I decided to ignore them as best I could and enjoy the company of the Canadians.

We put on our overalls and harnesses and then we went up in the big lift! The floor had a glass panel. I had to leave my phone behind, so I don't have photos of this time. When we finally made it up to the platform, we were attached to a rig by two ropes. I was the first to step outside!

It was incredible. We were up at 1168 feet, on a metal grid platform. I.e. with gaps you could see through. Near the tower, there was metal beneath the gaps – no big deal. But when you stepped further to the edge, you could see all the way down to the Toronto ground. It was much scarier than I had anticipated. I'm in general pretty OK with heights, but I guess I just wasn't prepared!

First thing we had to do was to sit down in our harnesses, to convince us our ropes would hold us. They did, obviously, but this didn't seem to get into my brain very well. Next, we had to step to the edge of the platform, and stick our toes over into the void. This was probably the scariest one! You're just standing! Sure, you have the two ropes holding you, but you can't feel them taking your weight. It's windy at 1168 foot, and it was hard to believe I wasn't going to fall.

Next we had to hang off the platform, facing forwards! This was exhilirating, though terrifying! Putting all your weight on the ropes gave a certain comfort, but it was also very difficult to take it off your feet.

(Sidenote: Joyless Floridian Number 2 did all this with absolutely no enjoyment or thrill. Joyless Floridian Number 1 did not partake in any of the activities)

I can't decide if leaning off the platform was scarier facing backwards or forwards. But anyway, the next thing was facing backwards, falling into the abyss without even seeing it! No. Big. Deal. Here is a photo of me doing just that!


A lot of expletives were uttered. I have a DVD I haven't watched yet of our time up there.

All too soon, but also thank flip, it was time to go down. My hair was so volumous from wind ruffling. I felt dashing.

This post has already gotten pretty long, but I'm going to talk about the rest of the day too. I went up the CN tower the normal way, still high on adrenaline and JOY. There were some rad views.

Views from CN tower

The glass floor

I enjoyed the glass floor section, partly because it was not scary at all after my edge walk escapades, and partly because it reminded me of the Still Game episodes where Jack and Victor go to Toronto. I think Jack throws up on the glass floor. I must watch those episodes again!



After the CN tower I decided I wanted to go to a nice restaurant. Instead I took some wrong turns and ended up at a pop up food market. It had loads of delicious foods and was way cheaper! Also a few days later I went past the restaurant I had been headed to, and I don't think I was appropriately attired. Perhaps it would have been fun to drink fancy wine in my muscle tee and demin shorts, but I will never know. I was too busy gorging myself on pierogi topped with BBQ pulled pork, and a giant corn. Also cheesecake. I loved that food market!

Food market

That night I went for frozen yoghurt on Bloor, then went to a gig at Lee's Palace. All in all it was a pretty swell day.


Bloor and Bathhurst

Lee's Palace