Website revamp

I recently revamped my websites. Turns out they were pretty hideous before! I remember being so proud and pleased with how they looked. I guess my aesthetic taste has evolved.

First up for redesigning was my homepage, Let's see how it used to look:

Garish old

GARISH AS ALL HELL. It reminds me of bubblegum. It's cute! But it is not how I want to present myself. At first I thought I would do a complete redesign, something like this:

Draft new

Gone were the fun bubbles! Gone were the box shadows! Gone was the intense stripey background! I got the triangle background from Trianglify -- take a deek.

In the end, I decided I wanted to keep the bubbles. They're fun, I think, and by changing the colours it became colourful but not garish, and removing the box shadows made it all feel much cleaner.

Final new

Final new design, mouse hovering on my

I updated my bio as well. I also realised I hadn't vertically aligned the text in the text boxes! I remember not being able to figure out how. A quick google brought me to this page. I have no idea how I missed it previously, but it was just what I needed.

My self care machine was also looking decidedly suboptimal. What was I thinking, using such a busy pattern for the background?

Old self care

I trawled the internet for ages trying to find a background I liked that was free, and eventually found this nice triangle background. It ties in nicely with the triangles on my homepage. I removed the border and hover box shadow on the main circle -- clean and simple is my new goal!

New self care

Most importantly, I added a favicon of the happy blushing emoji.


I look forward to deciding these new designs are hideous in a year's time, and revamping all over again. ::: :::