I'm a software engineer living near Oxford, UK. I studied Information and Computer Engineering at Cambridge University, and I now work at Oxford Ionics developing high-performance quantum computers.

Previously I've worked at Perspectum writing C++ for medical image diagnostic tools, and at CMR Surgical where I wrote bare metal embedded C for next generation surgical robots.

I am interested in Rust, I have written a lot of Python, and I would love to try more functional programming. I want to make tech for the greater good and for the simple fun of it.

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When I lived in Cambridge, I laser cut things at the Cambridge Makespace. When I have the time, I also try to get better at sewing, and work on software projects. Here are a few I'm pleased with:

Designing my own RISC-V CPU, implementing it in nMigen, and running it on an ice40 FPGA (in progress!)

Flashing an LED on an STM32 dev board using ARM assembly: I had fun writing Thumb-2 asm to toggle a GPIO, and made a learning exercise for those wanting to do the same, complete with automated testing using an emulator and gdb.

My LED Hackers jacket for EMF: I made an iridescent, translucent, light-up jacket for EMF camp, with LEDs driven by an STM32.

Self Care: a self care machine – randomly generated compliments to make you feel warm inside. The "Who is..." circle is based on this ;o