All things wooden wonderful

I haven't posted on my blog in ages! I just changed themes to the lovely Pelican Hyde, and thought it was time to update the content, too.

I made some exciting wooden things around Christmas time – or rather, I embellished one and designed another. Both were presents for others, and both recipients were delighted :D.

The Space Box

space box

Years ago, I bought a woodburning kit off Amazon for £20 or so. I then proceeded to never use it...until late last year, that is!

I had the amazing idea of making a space-themed box for my partner. At first, I was determined to learn to use a router , and inlay a wooden box with mother of pearl. This was far too ambitious, it turned out; I hope I get to try that some day.

I realised quickly that woodburning was my best bet. Burning patterns into wood is also called pyrography, and I'm amazed at the skill some pyrographers have! Do a quick Google image search, and you will be too.

I enjoy drawing and I'm pretty ok at it – I foolishly expected woodburning to not be that different! In some ways it isn't, but the grain in wood can give a lot of resistance. Burning a solid line in the direction you want is difficult! I don't understand how other people do it! I think it's probably a combination of skill, selecting the right wood, and maybe having a better quality kit.

Anyway, I decided that pointilism was the solution to my ineptness at woodburning, and it worked a treat!


After hours of burning, I lined the inside of the box with some cool spacey-fabric, and I was done! I'd originally planned to finish the wood with something to make it last longer, but I lacked the patience in the end. I wanted to present my gift!

Laser cutting

dhun na gall

I wanted to get my Granny a good Christmas present. My granny is from Donegal, and I thought it would be funny to put some Donegal turf in a "BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" case. My family did not appreciate my genius and sadly this plan has not been carried out.


I did, however, design this lovely piece, which my partner then laser cut for me. Look at it! It's beautiful. I have resolved to gain access to a laser cutter so I can make more such things.


The flowers are honeysuckle, foxgloves and montbretia (thought I didn't know the name of that last one until I had to find a reference image to draw from!). My granny was delighted, and so was I.


Montbretia Honeysuckle Foxgloves ::: :::