Making things at the Cambridge Makespace

I joined the Cambridge Makespace, my local community workshop, earlier this year. I've made a few nice simple things on a laser cutter since, and wanted to share a couple of my favourites.

I've been trained on a 3D printer and the CNC router and look forward to using those skills soon too!

Iridescent chip necklace

I ordered this amazing acrylic with an iridescent film over it.

I love iridescent things, and made a necklace in a shape resembling a microchip with PCB tracks coming from it. It's a bit fragile, and I wonder if layering some reflecting acrylic behind it would make it look better, but it's pretty cool!

Chip necklace GIF

Chip necklace on laser cutter

Here is me dressing up by myself at home with the necklace. I call this look "Goth Hacker".

Goth Hacker

Alpaca bois

I love alpacas and made these simple bois that have since been used as keyrings, a mount for an RFID tag, a lapel pin, and as a little friend stuck to the bezel of my monitor.


Floppy disk pin

I went to a party the other week where someone younger than me complimented my "save" pin.💀


I've made some small gifts for loved ones also. I hope to find more time to make stuff in the new year!